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[Data Science]

Preparing Vision Models for Windows ML

Windows ML (WinML) provides a simple managed API for interfacing with machine learning (ML) models. WinML has the ability... [Read More]

[Power BI]

Loading data from files in SharePoint

Working collaboratively on a set of reports in Power BI can be a complicated exercise. I find most complications happen when... [Read More]


Simple SQL in PowerShell

With the release of Microsoft SQL 2016 looming, I've been keeping an eye on the SQL PowerShell cmdlets. In particular, Invoke-Sqlcmd... [Read More]


3 ways to download files with PowerShell

Perhaps the greatest strength of PowerShell is it's foundation on the .NET framework. The .NET framework enables almost unlimited... [Read More]


Introduction to ESP8266 and NodeMcu

Simply put, the ESP8266 is a $3 wifi enabled micro-controller. Oh, and the firmware has also been released open source... [Read More]


Going paperless with Tesseract OCR

The New Year period always prompts me to look for improvements I could make in my life. After some searching... [Read More]


Re-writing MyNetFone destination SIP headers

Internal numbering, or internal extensions are common practice among SIP providers for having multiple DID numbers on a single... [Read More]


Part 2 - Scaling App-V content distribution using Azure CDN

This is the final post in a two post series explaining how to utilise Microsoft Azure to serve Microsoft App-V 5.0 content... [Read More]


Part 1 - Serving App-V content using Azure Blob Storage

This two post series will explain how to utilise various Microsoft Azure services to distribute your Microsoft App-V 5.0 content... [Read More]


Publishing App-V 5.0 content with a wildcard SSL certificate

I encountered an issue when trying to load balance and publish the App-V 5.0 web services behind an F5 hardware... [Read More]


Getting scripty with Azure Mobile Services

In my opinion, Azure Mobile Services is not talked about nearly enough. In many of the projects I have worked on... [Read More]


Installing drivers from untrusted publishers

When I'm building an image (especially a hardware independent image), the driver injection tends to be the hardest part... [Read More]


Setting the Windows 8 Account Picture from AD

If you're reading this, my guess is that you're probably building an image. That image is based on Windows 8.x and... [Read More]